Help Yourself Improve with Continued Personal Development

When we fail to grow as people, all that is left is to stagnate. Empowering yourself to be successful is more than just maintaining the status quo. You have to search inside yourself for your own weaknesses, and find a way to improve. This can mean showing up on time for work well dressed and at 8AM sharp—even when you work from home and there is no one there to see you do it.

Growing as a person won’t just help you become a better person, it is the key to success in everything you try to accomplish. If you are looking for ways you can improve and see a little more success in your life, here are our favorite tips to help you succeed:

Don’t put the cart before the horse
Cart before Horse
This might sound like a strange saying to put in a personal development article, but it makes sense. If you are only trying to improve yourself to be successful, you are missing out on the biggest point of personal development. People who are driven to constantly improve themselves also happen to be successful. You have to genuinely desire that success before you can achieve it. If you don’t really want to be punctual, you might struggle to do so. Focus on yourself first, and success second. You’ll get there!

Cultivate your inner critic

Most of us don’t really enjoy critiquing who we are inside. Finding fault within ourselves can feel like a core insult to our personality, but in order to improve you have to be willing to admit that there is something to improve. Take a moment a few times a day, and try to look at yourself objectively. Is there something that can be improved? Do you allow yourself to get sloppy with certain components of your job because you don’t enjoy them? Do you slack off and sneak onto facebook when you should be working hard? Even if there is no one else to see it but you, personal development is all about improving yourself where ever there is a place that needs doing so. This doesn’t mean browbeating or shaming yourself, but simply looking for things to work on, and using that as a beginning point for improvement.

Take some pride in what you do

This might seem counter intuitive to the comment we just made earlier, but remember we are looking for an objective overview of ourselves. Just as you looked for weak points you need to shore up, you should also look for your strengths and appreciate them. Taking pride in the things you do well will naturally help you improve on those areas, because you are recognizing the fact that you do them well and are less incline to get sloppy with your favorite features.

Despite what some people will tell you, there is nothing wrong with a judicious amount of pride when used in the correct way, so feel good about the things you do well.

Choose how you want to change

I’m sure there are people in your life who have a lot of ideas on what you need to change about yourself. Even if they are your boss at work or some other authority figure, they should not be the reason why you are attempting to improve yourself. Being bullied into self improvement is not actually conducive to personal development. It is simply a form of abuse. While you may want to do the things they wish you would improve on, personal development needs to come from inside. Make what you choose to work on your personal choice, not theirs.

Shine the ordinary parts of your day

Everyone you meet is working hard to reach for common goals. Rising in ranks at the office, winning prizes, making the best of the world they are in. You’ll have more success, better, and faster, if you work on improving the little things that are part of your day. Even if it is only remembering to say good morning to the doorman on your way into the office, you are making a change that will have an impact on everything else you do the rest of the way. By working on the ordinary parts of your day, your overall picture will strengthen, and soon you will be achieving the things other people have been striving for to no avail.

Start now
Start Today!
Tomorrow never comes. We all make new years resolutions, or promise ourselves we’re going to start a new diet and get healthy, maybe even next week! By putting off till tomorrow, you are opening yourself up to failure simply through never trying. If you want to make a positive change in yourself, start today.

Hold yourself accountable

You are responsible for yourself. In the end that is what all self improvement and personal development is about. You have to take responsibility for yourself before you can improve. Holding yourself accountable is an important part of self improvement. When you make a mistake, that’s fine. Keep going. Don’t quietly quit because you think it is too difficult or you slacked off one or two times. Don’t give up. In the end, only you can make these decisions for yourself. No one else can.

It is okay to fail, and it is okay to miss the mark on your goals. It is not okay to passively let those goals slip by and never even try, or stop trying because you know you’re not going to make your goal.

These steps will all help you reach your end goals of improving yourself. We can’t really tell you what specifically to do on your road to personal development, because everyone is unique and on a different path to success. It is up to you to figure out where you are on that path, what direction you are going, and how to get there at a pace you are comfortable with. We hope you found these tips helpful, and are encouraged to make those choices for yourself.

Designing a Life of Purpose

Design Your Ideal Life

Life is interesting. It happens to us day after day without us having to put much thought into it. It happens and continues to happen – by the grace of God – whether there is a rhyme or reason or not.

For many year I’d get up every morning without giving much thought to “life”. I figured if I just followed the rules, had a decent job, kept social appearances up, and lead an overall healthy lifestyle, I’d be alright.

Truth is, I was alright. I was in decent shape, had good friends, made enough money, and didn’t have any run-ins with the law. Life was alright.

Until one day I woke up and asked myself: What is the meaning of all this? Am I some sort of robot that goes from day to day performing his duties without a getting a deeper meaning out of life? There has got to be more.

So – after reading a bunch of books and doing a ton of soul searching – I sat down one day in front of a blank piece of paper and wrote on top: What Do I Want Out of Life?

I underlined that a few times, and then started listing all the things I wanted to achieve, all the things I want to own, the legacy I wanted to leave, etc. It all went on that piece of paper.

You see, I realized I would never end up at my goal destination if I didn’t first set one. You can’t go traveling if you don’t know where you’re going.

In other words: Just like no book or ebook writes itself (heck, we even have to create our own covers) and no car builds itself, no painting paints itself. The painting in this example is our life. What do we want it to look like? What do we want it to include?

I realized a great life doesn’t just happen. It is designed. Once we sit down and figure out what it is we want out of life, we realize not much is out of reach. We can create pretty incredible lives for ourselves. Since we only live once, why not make it count and have the best life possible?

Figure out what a great life looks like for you and then pursue it with all your heart. Life is meant to be lived with purpose. Find out what your purpose is and pursue it with a vengeance!

The Ultimate Real-Life Talisman

talismanA talisman – according to Wikipedia – “is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm.”

What if I were to tell you about a talisman so powerful it is downright dangerous if not contained?

It is so beautiful that some are mesmerized by it. Not just that though, it is so magical it is capable of doing a LOT of good in the right hands.

Whether you’re religious or not doesn’t matter. Whether you believe in magic or not also doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand how REAL this talisman is. In fact, in the next shot paragraph I am going to tell you where you can look at it.

Ready? Find a mirror. Now look into it. You see it?

You are the ultimate talisman you will ever own. You are capable of drastically changing the world. Not just your world, but the world you live in.

There is a magical sensation about you. Certain people are attracted to you. You are capable of a lot of love. Or hate for that matter. You are immensely powerful!

Here’s the trick: Find out how to tap into your greater potential. Read books. Watch documentaries. Take classes. Ask people. Work on yourself: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually.

It is believed that a talisman gets charged with a great power. You have the power to charge yourself. You are the greatest talisman you know, but it has even bigger potential. Charge it!

Then charge it some more. Keep charging it until people stop and ask: Wow, what happened?

Be the ultimate talisman. The world needs it!